Kettlebell training is the most complete training for any fitness goal. By breaking down the movements to the fundamentals, the student will learn efficiency in movement. This efficiency translates into a higher level of athleticism - Robert Miller


April 11 - 13, 2014 | Chicago, IL
RKC II Certification
This workshop gives you the advanced skills to perform and teach the next most important set of kettlebell lifts - while refining and building upon the skills already learned from the RKC Certification.

July 25 -27, 2014 | Chicago, IL
RKC Certification
This workshop gives you the strength skills to ignite new business opportunities and propels you into the front ranks of physical excellence.

June 14, 2014 | Chicago, IL
KETTLE PRT Challenge
Take the KETTLE PRT Challenge and show off your kettlebell strength. Represent your gym, group, or neighborhood and form your five person kettlebell team and compete against other teams in Chicago on June 14, 2014.


June 28, 2014 | Chicago, IL
HKC Certification

How to master the essentials of kettlebell lifting to dramatically boost your power and effectiveness as a personal trainer or coach


In Kilograms Kettlebell Classes  | 2014
Kettlebell Training classes are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 0600, 0700 and 0800. Click on the Kettlebell Training tab in the link.

RKC - Hardstyle
The RKC comes from Russia with Tough Love

Inkilogram's philosoply of training focuses on the RKC Hardstyle techniques. This style of kettlebell training was adapted in the 70's for the Soviet Spec. Ops. Hardstyle is demanding and explosive; relying on core drills to stress fundamentals so the body is prepared to progress through rigorous training program safely and efficiently. This training is for any fitness level. Beginners will start at square one and progress from there. Advanced athletes will prepare to meet their match.

The kettlebell is the ultimate tool in conditioning the body for extreme acceleration.

Think of all the forces athletes exert on the body, running, cutting, absorbing physical punishment. If the athlete isn't trained to handle this then performance will be sacrificed and injuries will soon follow. This does not only apply to the world's top athletes. This applies to every "weekend warrior" rec league hero. This is a call to arms for everyone to fight the de-conditioning convenience of modern life.

Our challenge is to address the lack of physical activity that restricts the smartest and most capable members of society. Your challenge is to accept your natural proclivity for hard physical work to achieve your best physical condition. Technique is stressed over repetitions since we strive for efficiency. Practicing the fundamentals while pushing your limits is the key to a safely employed exercise program that demands effort and yields results.

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